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A great team...

The watercolours and pencil sketches of our blissful plants are by Ewen Blain.

The rights of the pictures are as follows:
Bernard Matussière:
photos of the growers and Laurent Dreyfus-Schmidt, of Les Roches, of lavender, of mint, of Stéphane Jégo with Laurent and of all the packs... A big thank you to him!

Creative Commons (CC) : celery, tarragon, verbena,coriander (T. Maari), and fennel (Jamain).

Pierre Monetta: photos of Cédric Grolet and Jocelyn Herland. Susie Cushner: photo of Dan Barber. Per-Anders-Jorgensen: photo of Mauro Colagreco. Michael Muser/Grace: photo of Curtis Duffy. Deborah Jones: photo of Thomas Keller. DR-Lenôtre: photo of Guy Krenzer. Laurence Barruel: photo of the “saint-pierre à la verveine” recipe by Régis and Jacques Marcon.

The rights of the other images on the site are reserved.

Any use or reproduction of any of the images of this website without prior written permission, is prohibited (apart for the CC).

This site was carefully created by Thomas Baratier (Forba) and stylishly translated by Noemi Caldas.

The original idea for Blissful Plants and the design for the website come from Clémence Knaébel for Baume des Anges in collaboration with Thomas Baratier.

Finally, Baume des Anges would like to use this page to send a big thank you to all the chefs and growers, those that are visible on this site and those who are not yet, because they are the first partners of this wonderful adventure.


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