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What is a Blissful Plant Extract?

We start with a highly concentrated plant essence, obtained from large amounts of extra-fresh plants. It is then mixed with organic virgin sunflower oil produced in southern Ardèche and mineral water, for easier use in cooking. We offer it in spray format, to shake well before use.

What is the difference with essential oils?

Our process has only one thing in common with the extraction of essential oils by direct steam: the use of water vapour as a solvent.
But our process is the only one to use dry, cold steam, at a temperature of less than 75°C, thanks to vacuum pumps. This makes it possible to preserve the fragile molecules, the head notes that are so characteristic of fresh plants, in the Baume des Anges essences.

In the case of essential oils, three destructive phenomena are at work: hydrolysis (through liquid water), thermolysis (through high temperatures of 100 to 120°C), and oxidation.
These phenomena strip essential oils of the aromas and characteristic fragrance of the fresh plants. Furthermore, since “nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”, essential oils can taste of medicine or even downright musty.

Compared with essential oils, Blissful Plant Extracts are far more pure and their aromas are more faithful to those of the plant.

Do Blissful Plant Extracts comply with sustainable development principles?

Baume des Anges plants are grown under organic or GlobalGap standards. The extraction process is certified organic and the carbon footprint is very small as we only ship a few grammes extracted from very large quantities of locally processed plants. Finally, we form respectful partnerships with growers, both in France and abroad, enhancing their know-how and quest for excellence. So yes, Baume des Anges products are fully compliant with sustainable development principles.

Is it expensive?

Blissful Plant Extracts, which concentrate and preserve the best of aroma, are ultimately not more expensive than using high-quality fresh plants.

Why are Baume des Anges plants not all organic?

Organic farming is a good method, but we consider GlobalGap to be equally good (see below). Our plants are therefore either organic or GlobalGap grown. When selecting growers, we pay great attention not only to their certification, but also to their cultivation methods.

What is GlobalGap?

GlobalGap certification is a sustainable agriculture standard for food crops, guaranteeing traceability and respect for health and the environment. It notably involves analyses and controls that are far more systematic than for AB certification

Can the aromas withstand freezing? And reheating?

Yes, as long as defrosting and reheating are done at moderate temperatures (see Instructions for use).

Do the aromas give added colour?

No, colour is not encapsulated by the extraction process, nor are bitterness, acidity or sweetness: the bottles only hold aromas. While infusions of fresh plants can often be slightly bitter, Blissful Plant Extracts have absolutely no bitterness.


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