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What is a Blissful Plant Extract?

Blissful Plants flirting with bees
Blissful Plants flirting with bees

Baume des Anges Blissful Plant Extracts, a new way of adding flavour to your dishes.

  1. Simple, convenient and always at hand,
  2. Completely natural and true to the aromas of the fresh plant,
  3. Respectful of your health, of the growers and the environment,

the Extracts bring intense flavour to your savoury and sweet dishes in a few sprays, while cooking or directly on the plate.

What is a blissful plant?

What do plants dream about? We don’t know, any more than you. But we do know that there are several ways of growing them. Here, our crops are cultivated with delight, the delight of sowing and harvesting in a way that respects the plants and the land. The delight of achieving a perfect extraction, truly faithful to the plant’s aromas. The delight of cooking and enjoying good food. Together, all these delights make for a blissful plant.

The packs of the Blissful Plants state who has grown them and where.

What is an extract?

Baume des Anges Blissful Plant Extracts for cooking and pastry-making enhance or add flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes. They can be incorporated in the most sophisticated recipes or simply sprayed on the dish.

They combine pure essences of plants (see A unique process) with organic virgin sunflower oil (from the Ardèche region) and mineral water.

Baume des Anges already extracts essences from over fifty plants for chefs and the Blissful Plant Extracts range will gradually grow to include these products.


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