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Sébastien Vauxion
Sébastien Vauxion
Executive Pastry Chef for K Collection, France
Sébastien Vauxion has perfected his technique and honed his palate with great names of pastry and cuisine, notably Pierre Hermé and Pierre Gagnaire. From them, he acquired rigour and a taste for creativity. Sébastien is currently the executive pastry chef for the “K Collection” establishments, which include three hotels in Courchevel as well as the Pearl chalets in Val d'Isère, in the French Alps. Sébastien is something of an alchemist and draws his inspiration from everything that surrounds him. His technical mastery allows him to create flavours that are both delicate and bold.
Sponsor of: blissful plant n°43 Bourbon Geranium
«This is one of my best childhood memories: my uncle taking me to see the geranium distilleries on La Réunion. That special scent mingled with that of the pineapples from the surrounding plantations. Geranium has a very floral, round and sweet scent. The first notes are lychee, then it turns into something unique and intriguing. It is so aromatic that it could suffice itself. But in the recipe I developed for it, I play its whole scale, combining it with the hint of bitterness of grapefruit, the spicy note of Tasmanian pepper and the sweetness of coconut.»


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