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Philippe Mille
Philippe Mille
Chef of Domaine Les Crayères in Champagne (France), 2 Michelin stars
A chef belonging to the younger generation of the culinary world, Philippe Mille won the Bocuse de Bronze in 2009. He arrived at Domaine Les Crayères in January 2010 to take over the gourmet restaurant Le Parc and the Brasserie Le Jardin. In just two years, he earned two Michelin stars and won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Artisan in France) in 2011. His cuisine? Pleasure, generosity, indulgence, and childhood memories, respecting the products and their seasonal nature. Cuisine that creates emotion.
Sponsor of: blissful plant n°23 May coriander
« Coriander is a very special plant and I found it hard to tame! When I was younger, I found it difficult to cook with coriander without falling into an Asian style. Then in the last ten years, I realised it was all in the proportions. With Baume des Anges extracts, which can be dosed subtly, I use coriander a lot more to make our clients rediscover it. »


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