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Régis et Jacques Marcon
Régis et Jacques Marcon
Chefs and managers of several restaurants in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, France
Régis Marcon started by taking over his mother's country inn and winning first one, then two stars. After 35 years as a chef, he was joined by his son Jacques in 2004 and soon won a third star. Cooking is a passion that runs in the family. The Restaurant Régis et Jacques Marcon is located between the Velay and Vivarais regions of central France. Its recipes are a reflection of the surrounding nature. The Marcons' cuisine follows the rhythm of the four seasons: in the spring, wild herbs and Saugues lamb, in summer fruit from the Rhone Valley and blueberries, and of course, in the autumn, mushrooms and game, until the beginning of the winter... Régis and Jacques' cuisine is both innovative and respectful of traditions - traditions that guide them on a daily basis. Their wish? For a meal to be a celebration.
Jacques is sponsor of: blissful plant n°27 Exotic lemon verbena
« Verbena has made the reputation of my region: the Velay. This highly aromatic plant conjures up memories of returning from the market with my father. Every Saturday, we still drive down to the farmer's market on the Place Albert-Thomas in Saint-Etienne. It's always a pleasure to see these passionate vegetable growers, who inspire our menu with the seasons. One of them is Dominique, a herbalist and plant lover. He was the one who made me discover the difference between the different strains of verbena and their growing methods, in greenhouses or outdoors. The best part is the delicious smell on the way home, when the lemon scent of verbena mingles with raspberries, langoustines and all sorts of tomatoes... So it was magical to discover exotic lemon verbena, a tropical plant that contains in its bays precisely the same aroma as my beloved verbena from the Velay! »


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