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Stéphane Jégo
Stéphane Jégo
Head chef at L'Ami Jean, Paris, France
A pioneer of French “bistronomy” (from bistro and gastronomy), Stéphane Jégo first worked at the Régalade with Yves Camdeborde. In 2002, he took over the oldest Basque institution in Paris, in the 7th arrondissement. Always on the lookout for new producers, he picks the best products from South-West France for his restaurant, L'Ami Jean. He sums up his cuisine in two words: pleasure and sharing. L'Ami Jean is popular with stars visiting Paris for its friendly, animated atmosphere, with its open kitchen.
Sponsor of: blissful plant n°23 Celery
« Celery immediately recalls childhood soups, Sunday evening meals in Brittany: potato, celery and trotters. In my recipe “Celery where are you? from Ibaiona pig”, I use celeriac from Brittany with celery leaves and pork from South-West France. »


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